2018 Lamborgini Huracan 610-4 with 1400HP twin turbo kit

We originally bought this Lambo to be a basic street cruiser and had every intention of keeping it stock. Well that did last long especially after we started talking with the Alex from Sheepey Race. We soon decided that it makes perfect sense to take this exotic super car and add some turbos to it. Well Alex and the team at Sheepey went to work and 2 weeks later we had a 1200hp Lambo that could rule the streets.

We took it to the track with the goal of running 8s in full street trim, pump e85 fuel and street tires. First pass down the track and it runs 8.9 at 156mph. We were shocked and super happy that a car this beautiful could also run 8s and be the perfect daily driver. We made several upgrades below and more modifications and the hunt for 7s is happening soon.

Sheepey Race 62mm Twin Turbo Kit

Sheepey Race Flex Fuel Kit

Dodson Big Clutch Upgrade

Dodson Billet Clutch Basket

Dodson Billet Input/Output Shafts

Quaife Rear Diff

Motec Engine Management

BFG Drag Radials in Rear, 245 Street Tires in Front