SUPRA 2020 MKV CatBack Exhaust

Dual Exit Catback Exhaust (Retail $2599) Black Friday/Weekend $1599

  • 100% T-304 Stainless Steel
  • Tig Welded
  • Made in the USA
  • Optimal Performance
  • Amazing Sound Quality
  • High Performance Turbo Mufflers
  • Highest Performing Exhaust on the Market

The 2020 Toyota Supra Exhaust has been designed by our team and we are happy to announce it is currently in production and ready for retail sales. These are ultra high-end mufflers, but if you are looking for the best of the best this is the exhaust you want on your Supra no matter if it’s a show car or race car. We designed this exhaust system to be the best flowing system on the market today. We have the least amount of bends and ultra-smooth transitions. The inside of our divider where it transitions from 4” to dual 3” is pure artwork inside on the pipes. The turbo back exhaust begins at the turbo outlet and has been designed to have the best performance available. We combine an amazing exhaust note with free-flowing mandrel bends. The complete exhaust system is tig welded and utilizes T-304 stainless steel bends with factory style hanger mounts for the ultimate in reliability. Our downpipe can be selected with a high flow cat or a straight pipe for ultimate in performance.

Our system was completely designed in the United States and the manufacturing process is 100% done in the USA by some of the top fabricators in the industry. The downpipe starts at 4.5” inches and then has a transition to 4” piping all the way to the rear of the car where it divides and splits into dual 3” outlets. We made sure to design a system that has the least amount of drastic turns and bends which really helps with performance and creates an amazing sounding exhaust.

If you are ready to have the best looking and performing exhaust for your 2020 Supra then take the plunge and order the iKon Performance exhaust system.

TEXT RYAN 619-248-6944 with any questions.